Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I thought my border collie was...

I thought my border collie was getting lazy. So I set out this morning to work her continuously for 40 minutes. I had a variety of things that I had planned, utility articles, duration exercises for heeling, turns, halt, hidden retrieve games, play sessions with a toy, front exercises, signals, go-outs. As it turned out my border collie is not the one getting lazy!!! I made it to about 30 minutes then needed a break. So now I am feeling bad that I have not worked my dogs enough. My life had been a little upside down, I have been normal some days and others quite sad, to the point that I just want to sit still. Well, I can't do that forever.

I worked Ribbon again this afternoon for about 10 minutes of obedience and 10 minutes of agility because I am entered in a trial this weekend, so I thought I should put an effort in. Ribbon worked great, such a great little dog. All this work in one day and she had already been for a big romp with the other dogs. I also worked Gali on his utility (which is a whole different post). He is also running in agility this weekend. I am actually looking forward to it.