Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sniffing right along

Ribbon is progressing so well on her articles. We are off the matt now, which is always an exciting step for me. She did great today. Her attitude couldn't be any better. She blasts out to the pile, finds her article makes full eye contact with me and then runs at me full tilt. I have been alternating hiding behind the chair and letting her chase me once she has her article or having her front and then tossing the article for her to retrieve. The only problem I am having is that she is growling (playfully) at me as she is returning the article, but I can't see this becoming a big problem.

I have done a silly thing though, that I will have to fix. While setting out my articles and placing the ones I want to scent on a chair, Ribbon comes running over to see what we are doing. I have let her choose her own article from the chair to scent, which has blossomed into Ribbon wanting to be in the chair. I think this might not be a thing I want to teach her, but it is pretty cute and she always picks a different article to start with. Today was metal and yesterday was leather.

I haven't done many formal sends, just a few to give her the idea. Lots of time for the precision part, right now I just want her to love doing the exercise.