Friday, May 23, 2014

Match at Swansea

Ribbon did a fantastic job tonight at the match.  I had a plan in my head for each exercise and we managed to pull it all off.  She was relaxed, interested and animated.  ALL good things.  I did use food and the first go out I used a target and did it half of the distance.  Although from her reaction I don't really think she needed the help.  Her signals were BEAUTIFUL!! It felt really good to heel with her around the ring.  I think I did a nice job of handling her.  I remembered to keep my knees together and stand up tall during all of the heeling.  It felt smooth and Ribbon and I felt very much in sync.
I am so excited for Sunday.  Swansea is one of my favourite trials of the year.  The club works very hard to make the trial fun.  They always have a good judging panel and the ring stewards are fantastic!  They have lots of things like a spot prize. They use a card that you find on your kennel or your chair that says you have won a prize.  When you go to the prize table they ask you to put the card on someone else's kennel.  I usually try to pick someone in Novice A.  They also have poop raffle and the "woulda, shoulda" award.  If you NQ in a trial, you get a ticket and there is a draw from all the other people that have suffered the same fate.  Takes some of the sting out of it!

Wish me luck
Happy Training

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