Friday, May 23, 2014

Update on Jilly

Our new girl is fitting in nicely in our home.  She gets along with everyone and is starting to settle into the routine.  She spent the first few weeks tethered to me so that she didn't have any accidents in the house.  But now she hangs around and is comfortable with waiting until the other dogs go out and when her walks are going to be.  She has discovered the fun of a tennis ball and other toys, but the ball is her favourite. She is very sweet.  I am really enjoying her.

Herding is going well.  I still need to work on my whistles and Viki has given me some skills to work on to improve our driving skills.

We have entered our first trial.  It will be in Indiana at the end of June.  I am not expecting much but my goal is to build our teamwork and get some experience under our belt.  She is very talented and incredibly willing. I am looking forward to a long career with this girl.

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